Monday, September 1, 2008

The Race is Not About Race

Regarding the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election, there's information I believe the voting public needs to be aware of.

Right off the bat if you think my views are related to race, then lets get that idea wiped up off the table right now, up front. I think it's wonderful the American social system has finally reached a phase in history where anyone can run for President. Literally.

It's not just something PC to say, "Oh anyone can be president in America!" it's true now, and I'm proud of that. But just like with education, I don't feel we need to dumb ourselves down to let him keep up with the pack for the sake of letting a person of color win. Not that I think people of color are stupid as a whole, but this particular one is. American would be brought down further in to moral decline.

Frankly, I'd rather be living a moral life poor than living a rich life irresponsibly.

But while we're dicussing that whole "race" issue, I do want to ask the world at large why Oboma refers to himself as "Black" when he is clearly half white. His Black daddy ran out on them. His white Momma and her White parents are the ones who raised him, provided for him, and eventually lead him on to the road of potential President. If anything, Obomba is Bi-Racial, and by calling himself a Black Man, I tend to believe he is playing the Race Card that none of the rest of us are allowed to talk about.

After all, who is going to bounce him on that? Who could really say to the guy, "Hey Obomba, you're not black! Stop pretending you're a black man because you're also Half White!"

Does s saying you are black win you sympathetic votes? I fully believe it does because so many people think it'll be so hip to have him in the White House despite his poltics.

Is John McCain campaigning on the ticket that he's a White Man? Why not?

OH - ya, because that would be considered racist, huh.

It's OK to be black and proud, but not white and proud so evidently America still has a long way to go with this whole "Racial Equality" thing.

It's not about Black or White though. It's about the issues that directly influence our lives, our culture, our bank accounts, our health, our education, our national security. We have to ask ourselves, what are the fundamental values and beliefs that we want our leader to possess as he or she makes those hard decisions that will have a direct impact upon our futures?

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